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At Clover Powder Coatings we offer primarily three treatments:-


We offer blasting of metal from SA1 to SA3 based on the Swedish blast system which is the industry recognised system, 3 being the best.

Phosphate Wash (Hot)

Mainly for steel, although galvanised and aluminium products can benefit from this treatment. Phosphate wash will remove all grease, oil, detergents and fine solids and forms a thin protective coating improving paint and powder adhesion to substrate. This service is offered as a standard service at no extra cost.

Chemical Degrease

Although not favoured, still used for smaller brackets etc. Mainly internal items that require very little attention.

Pre-Treatments and post of wheel Clover Powder coatings is one of the leading powder coating companies in Bradford, West Yorkshire and all surrounding areas.   Clover achieved this by producing the highest quality work consistently for the trade and public, on time and at a great value price point.  Unlike most powder coaters, at Clover Powder Coatings we pride ourselves on coating larger items.

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